Leasing in Russia

In the middle of 2009 the Russian leasing market has passed the bottom point, and in 2010 started to revive. It is fair to say, that the time of shocking stagnation is over, and now leasing companies try to generate new strategies, renovate projects and products. Obviously, the main recent tendency of leasing business in Russia is changing priorities from struggling with debts to generating new contracts.

According to macroeconomic indicators forecasts and the latest domestic economy statistical data, Russian disposable incomes and capital expenditures in 2010 and 2011 will grow, that is consequently should lead to increase of leasing business in the country.

Here are some indicators proving that the Russian leasing market in the first half of 2010 is on a new wave of growth:

the volume of new business amounted 8.3 billion US dollars*, that is 2.8 times bigger compared to the same period of 2009;

total volume of the entire leasing market increased by 4.5 % and equaled 33.6 billion US dollars*.

* The figures collected from a survey of “RA Expert”- leading rating agency in Russia.

We are pleased to note, that «Stone-XXI» growth rate is ahead of the Russian leasing market general rate. For 6 months of 2010 the company multiplied its new business transactions up 3 times. To compare with our main competitors, we are recovering with the same pace.

Historically, auto leasing is the major segment of the Russian leasing market. Its predominance is easy to explain: low liquid risks from the lessor’s side, and affordable way to renew car fleet from customer’s side.

Effective cooperation with reliable transport suppliers, high loyalty of permanent clients and results-oriented, professional team allowed “Stone-XXI” to regain its position in auto leasing segment: new business volume in the first half of 2010 reached pre-crisis level (compared to first 6 months of 2008), and is 2.5 times bigger than in the same period of 2009.

As for others segments of leasing market, it should be mentioned, that the highest rates of growth demonstrate railway transport leasing and leasing of heavy commercial vehicles.

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